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I cannot father a child!

Dear Stephanie,

I have low sperm count. I don’t want to go into the medical details but that is what it is. I always tell any woman I am with the truth, but they all leave me eventually. I don’t blame them. Every woman wants her own biological child, but I use to think that maybe one out of the many would stay and believe and have faith with me. I am a good man, women say I am a gentleman. I treat women the way they should be treated, I make sacrifices, I provide beyond their expectations, and I understand their issues and stick through the different confusing phases they usually go through. I’m a romantic. But I’m not getting younger. I’ll be 40 next year. So because of my experience with women I have decided not to tell my present girlfriend about my issue. I love her and I don’t want to lose her just because of something that is really not my fault. I want to propose to her on her birthday (October 10) in a big and romantic way. Sometimes I feel like I should risk it and tell her, but I know she’d walk away like all the others even though she loves me. I have heard many miraculous stories of people like me finally having children. I pray it happens to me, but I need to get married first. Am I doing the right thing not telling her? – Williams

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