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How to enjoy a new week

Get into the new week with some funk in your strides!

Working Monday is halfway gone. What have you been able to achieve in the hours past? Maximising your week is the best way to enjoy the approaching weekend.

So here’s a few ways to make the best of a new week:

Draw up a schedule of what to do. Marry your thoughts with action. If you are going to be productive then you need a map towards that path. This makes it easy to approach your day and get things done properly and on time and the result? You feel great!

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Eat less. Food just always gets in the way of productivity. So drink a lot of water, but eat less. Do you feel that funny drowsing feeling anytime you have lunch at work? Not good, right? So reduce the size of meal you devour. Take fruits instead and drink lots of water, yes. No soda! Very important.

Get in touch with your warm side. Make a call that is totally unrelated to work and get into a cool conversation. Call a friend, call your mum or you significant other. Laugh, share a joke, hold a smile all day. It balances all the work.

So let’s make this week a productive one, yes? Yay!

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