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  • Number 1 – SEXY LINGERIE: nothing screams the triple S {Sophisticated, Sexy and Strong} like a couple of ‘Victoria Secret’ items in your closet.  When you are both getting ready to go to work, grab his attention by wearing an innocent white lacy lingerie, ladies do not forget to wear your heels, they give you some kind of elegance. Pretend to have trouble finding what to wear and make a 360 degree turn in the bedroom pretending to look for something, strike a balance between seduction and innocence and just about when he starts getting fussy (because as we all know, as much as men like to form macho, they are still “our babies”, you make a quick decision on what to wear and slip into a high waist,’pinch me in pencil skirt’ that hugs your curves.  Give him an excuse about being late for work, even make him zip up the skirt, plant a wet kiss on his lips and let his hands play over your body for a few seconds, give him hope, then withdraw and promise him a nice time after work, wicked right? *winks* you could even send him a couple of flirty emails at work, I promise you, he’ll be the first to leave the office. “Naughty, naughty” 😀
  • Your underwear shows the kind of woman you are, ill-fitting, unattractive undies says lazy, boring, primitive and old lady coming through while a fitted, clean and lacy, frilly underwear say sexy, sophisticated and confident. So now back to Mr. Macho waiting for some action when he comes back from work, make him wait for it, men like to be teased, so give him what he wants.

Like we all know, one of the most effective ways to impress your man is to be a goddess in the  bedroom, so spice things up in there, don’t stick to the routine of just kissing and making love while you are on the bed, instead let him wait on the bed for you while you pamper yourself in the bathroom, moisturize your skin, put on some makeup, wear a lacy or satin lingerie that screams daring senora, pair it with your pantyhose, choose see-through stockings with a lace at the hem to go with your perfect stripper heels, stand at the door and give him the looks that says “I dare you” believe me when I say he will be happy to oblige you, taking the cloths off is even more fun, the more the layers, the more he can’t wait.

Number 2 – ACCESSORIZE:  Men love it when their woman is admired by other men. It gives them joy and pride; that sense of belonging that she’s theirs. On a night out, maybe to an office dinner with his colleagues, opt for a striking necklace to rev up that little black dress, you can really affirm your fashion status by wearing more than one. Let him wear your necklace for you. Give him two options on what you’d like to wear and ask him for his opinion on which one to choose, it will make him feel like you are doing it all for him. So when you walk into that hall on his arm, looking gorgeous and everything, people are staring, there will be that confident smile on his lips that says “she’s mine”

Long and short, don’t shy away from accessories even hair accessories too, cute fascinators, flat feather hair bands that lie close to your scalp or even simple kirby grips at the temples. Now is a great time to style your hair, choose a romantic brooch to give a simple cardigan, a new lease of life, a luxe bracelet is a stunning addition if you are looking to dress up an outfit. Add a vintage ring to the opposite hand right next to the sparkling ring he gave you.

Number 3 –  DRESS FOR YOUR FIGURE : This is the most important part, dress to suit the occasion, many married women believe since they are married, they have to dress like it and to them that means wearing iro and buba and flowing kaftans but sincerely we are not being  fair to the guys this way, he fell in love with the girl that wears playful beach dresses and looks like a million bucks when she goes to the office in her fitted trousers suit so who is this wifezillla??!! LOL

So ladies! When you are at home, wear those t-shirts that say funny things like “Little Miss Chatterbox”,  “I love my husband cos he’s so cool” etc. It makes you seem young and fresh, pair them with shorts that shows off your legs, reminding him you are still that girl he met ten years ago or you could go all bad, as soon as the children walk out the door on their way to your parents or a friends, wear a mini dress, floral or plain chiffon; please forget to wear any underwear and sit on his laps as he watches TV. Now which man will be able to resist that? Tell me..

Stay tuned for the final part 3!



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