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How Can You Tell When A Woman Really Loves You?

I asked the ladies the reverse of this question last week and got some feedback from my male fans who also wanted to know how to identify a lady who really loved a man.

Apparently, its not only difficult for the ladies to tell when a man truly loves her, its also difficult for a man to identify a lady that truly loves him and is not playing with his heart.

Women are more emotional than men, and obviously find it easy to express love even more than the men. They say it with words, with their body language, with their laughter, with their tears and more. On the reverse, a woman can also easily deceive a man, making him believe she loves him when she doesn’t.

A woman who is truly in love with a man…

1. Calls him or sends him messages often expressing her love for him
2. Does interesting things to please him like cook his favorite meal
3. _________________________

It’s time again to hear from you. Complete the list. Guys, how can you tell when a woman really loves you? Ladies, what do you do to show that you really love a man?

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