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Hey, Let’s Answer These 5 Interesting Questions Together!

Hey SL Fabz,

I trust you’re having a beautiful Wednesday. Let’s have some fun with these questions shall we. Don’t forget to be as honest as possible. Please leave your answers in the comment section. I can’t wait to read them!

1. If you were in a store and saw a person shoplift an expensive item, would you tell someone?
2. If you saw your best friend’s boyfriend kissing another girl would you tell her?
3. If you found a wallet with $1500 cash in it, would you try to return it?
4. If your brother/sister won 3 million dollars in the lottery how much would you expect to get, if any?
5. If your 15-year-old daughter came home pregnant how would you handle it?

1. Well, my natural instinct at first will be to tell. But it’s tricky. What if I can’t prove it? What if the person hid it so skillfully that the shop owners can’t find it on him/her? What if there are no cameras in the store or I am made to look like a liar? I really don’t know and I hope I never find myself in that situation.

2. This one is hard too. You might be labelled a hater for telling. Or worse, your best friend might not even believe you! I guess the rule here too is don’t tell if you can’t prove it. I once read an article on this sort of topic and the best way to deal with this is ‘show, don’t tell’. It would be much better if you can ‘show’ your best friend a real scene where her boyfriend is cheating on her, perhaps taking her to a place where you usually see them hang out, rather than ‘tell’.

3. Oh, definitely! No use stealing.

4. Hahaha! Sharing formula… I honestly don’t have an answer to this one. But Amen to that!

5. This one is not funny oh! A 15 year-old girl is way too young to be a mother. She is still a child. I think what would be most important on my mind if I have a teenage daughter would be how to give her the love and guidance she needs to prevent such. But situations like this do happen quite often and that is the reality. So, yeah, that would make me really sad. However, I’d make sure I give her all the support that she needs and help her stay focused and positive.

Now, it’s your turn. Let’s have your answers below in this order 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…



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