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Hey, It’s Ok!

We humans beat ourselves up too much over little things (maybe not so little) that shouldn’t even touch our energy. We pinch ourselves for thinking some things and try to reform to what or how our society feel we should think. Sometimes giving up doesn’t mean you are weak, it means you are strong enough to let go. Dearies, believe me when I say-
Hey it’s ok!

– To break up a ten year relationship that leaves you more damaged every year.
– To spend 15 minutes lesser than you planned on the treadmill; you are just human and truth be told, e no easy.
– To let your more employed friends buy lunch.
– To buy sexy lingerie and call it your valentine’s gift to yourself.
– To run in your ugly sweatpant because it’s not on your priority list to buy a new one, times are hard.

This does not make you a failure, what makes you a failure is if you waste your time and energy thinking about it instead of trying to improve on your situation. Live a happy life, SL FABZ!


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