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Here Are The Winners!

Giveaway Winners

Hi SL Fabz,

Thanks to everyone who participated in yesterday’s Airtime Giveaway. I was really touched to know that you all are keenly following information on my upcoming movie ‘DRY‘.

Most of you gave really good answers, however, a lot of you did not mention one very important aspect of the movie which is raising awareness against Vesico Vaginal Fistula (VVF). This is a project very dear to my heart and I will be sharing with you more of my team’s efforts at curbing the high rate of this condition.

So, here are people whose answers I found most interesting:

Adekemi Sleek Ifeoluwa
Linda Aigbe
Chichi Nzewine
Racheal Laye Edward
Jeremiah Tarilado
David Adika

You would be contacted soon and your airtime will be sent to you. Congratulations!



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