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Help! Who should I marry?

Dear Stephanie,

There are two women in my life. One of them (let’s call her Angela) I met during my NYSC four years ago and we’ve been together ever since. I haven’t proposed but our families are seriously aware that we are a couple and everyone is patiently expecting us to drop the date. She is pretty, kind, and seems very understanding for a woman – for example, when I cancel a date with her to watch football with the guys, she never complains; and for a man like me that is a great virtue – but the thing is, Angela has no drive, no ambition, all she wants to be is a wife and mother, and I find that very annoying! The other one (let’s call her Lilian) I met on a random day when my car had issues – she actually stopped to help!!! I was shocked, impressed, and couldn’t believe there was still a human being (especially a woman) like that! Through her help, we got a mechanic around that neighbourhood and the problem was fixed, I wanted to return the favour so I took her out on a date the next week. The truth is, Lilian mesmerizes me! No woman makes me feel the way she does. She is so mature in every way. We talk a lot, she shares valuable ideas on business and life, and I just find her a great inspiration and a wonderful lover! I love Angela – at least I’ve known her longer, but Lilian has a spark! I can’t really explain it – it’s just magic! Lilian has dreams, and that is a great turn-on for me! We’ve been together for one year and I find it so hard to go through the day without calling or meeting up with her!

The two women are unaware of the other’s existence and that makes me feel bad because I am not a man that would intentionally cheat or double-date. What do I do? I hate to be cheating on these wonderful women. I know that ultimately the choice is mine, but if I have to ask, who do you think I should marry? – Chris

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