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Healthy Herbs for your Health…

Herbal Healing…Herbs to Keep YOU Moving! Herbs can help by stimulating circulation, by nourishing joints and connective tissue, and by easing inflammation. Humans are designed to move and our health depends on it!

Moving our bodies moves food through our digestive system, moves lymph and blood through our vessels and helps keep arthritis and osteoporosis at bay. Here are some few natural herbs and their uses:-

1. Use Ginger(any form, tea, herb…ginger ale..only if you made it yourself) to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and improve sluggish digestion.

2. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory herb for joint problems, physical trauma, it enhances  blood flow and removes toxins.

3. Sassafrass is beneficial for arthritis conditions. It moves and cleanses the blood. Tastes like root beer! 

4. Solomon’s Seal is good for creaky joints or after an injury. Heals injuries to the tendons, ligaments and joints, great for tendonitis.

5. Gotu Kola heals connective tissue. Heals skin inflammation and arthritis. Excellent herb for those practicing yoga or meditation, it calms and focuses the mind.

6. Willow Bark & MeadowSweet.. both contain the main ingredient in aspirin. Excellent for many kinds of pain. (there are no side effects, in fact, it’s used to treat ulcers, stomach problems caused by aspirin)

7. Black Cohosh is an excellent herb for menopause, menstrual cramps, muscle relaxer, anti-inflammatory for joints.

What’s your favorite natural herb?

Stay healthy, 




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