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Happy Endings…

What would you consider a happy ending? Man meets woman, ask woman out on a date, woman says ‘yes’ after playing hard to get, man and woman go on a date, they fall in love, they enjoy spending time together and they decide to make it permanent, man and woman get married and that’s the end? Sorry to break it to you; it’s actually the beginning of a brand new story. Happy ending is not getting married; happy ending is growing old together. Happy ending is making it work, with the one you really love, with the one that treats you right, even when everything is not looking good. 

It’s not every time that you would ‘feel’ in love with your husband or long term boyfriend, there are times you just loose the sparks in the relationship and he feels like an old buddy, it’s both of your duties to find your way back to that place instead of giving up. You might become distracted if you are having problems with your husband/boyfriend, “oh there is one cute guy in the office that listens to my issues;  oh he’s so attentive! he’s so caring! Oh my gosh, he’s this, he’s that”. But in reality, it’s all a façade. You probably said these same things about your man in the beginning. It’s better you work on your relationship instead of searching for a happy ending in the wrong places. Every relationship takes work, nothing good comes easy, you have to fight for it and if you have a man that is willing to get in the ring with you after putting a ring on it, you better work it out.

Now tell me, wouldn’t that be a very happy ending?



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