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Gloria & Francis Start A New Chapter With Their Beautiful Vow Renewal Ceremony

A new chapter of Gloria and Francis’ love story began when they renewed their vows to each other during their time spent with us. 

The Vow Renewal segment on the show was introduced this season to help couples reaffirm their love for each other with the aim of strengthening their marriage. We’re so glad it works every time! 

Here are some lovely photos from the ceremony:

Gloria looks stunning in that lovely dress by @trishocouture as she prepares to renew her vows with her husband.


We’re so glad we created a wonderful memory for this lovely couple.


Sometimes it gets so emotional ❤️


The smiles came back on when we unveiled the lovely gifts our sponsors had for them. Gloria and Francis received a carton of oatmeal from @greenvalleyoatmeal Beauty products from @cookieskin A microwave oven from @pedini_boschng and N100,000 in a joint account from @unionbankng

Big thanks to Gloria and Francis for being on our show and sharing their love story with us. We truly enjoyed making you fabulous!

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