Fuel scarcity: How are you coping?

It is sad, isn’t it? To know that an oil-producing country like Nigeria continues to suffer these bouts of fuel crisis that paralysis the entire nation every other year!

My people, how have you been coping?

This is probably the worst hit as it affected almost all the industries from banks, to radio stations, to telecoms.

full fuel

We are buying 5litres of fuel for as high as N5,000!

What a way to live!

Does it make sense for a few to hold over 150million others at ransom?

Where are the solutions?

How can we ensure this fuel habits find a permanent solution?

I remember the young girls with their urine test on generators some time back; do we have other ways we can build alternative for fuel? What possibilities does urine have for producing energy? Have we looked into that?

What can be done? In 2015, it is absurd to continue to face these type of challenges when the whole world is moving on to great technological advancements everyday.

Where lies the solution, my people?

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