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FRIENDSHIP: For A Season Or Forever?

We go through life in different phases; it seems just like yesterday when I was a little girl in primary school with colourful ribbons in my hair. Fast forward to now, I am a grown woman, probably in the busiest period of my life. Every now and then, I find myself thinking of “old” friends and what they are up to. When I had “best friends” in primary and secondary school, and even up till University, I had thought such friendships would last forever.

Life happened, and though it seems you won’t be able to survive without having those awesome people around you, you move on to the next phase, and develop new relationships.

So what do you think?

Are some friendships meant to just last for a season or period in life; or are they meant to be kept and nurtured forever, no matter the time or place? Do you have friends who have been in your life forever? Why do you think we have best friends for a season and then grow apart after a while?

Please share your thoughts.

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