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Frank Talk: The First Year Of Marriage

After the congratulatory messages to newlyweds the next question usually is: “How is married life?

If the couple were to give an honest answer, many would agree that it is usually the hardest. The wedding is over, and the marriage begins. The transition from the “me” to “we” is not always easy for either the man or woman in a marriage.

One major hurdle many couples face – especially in the first year is miscommunication. Marriage entails sharing, and a huge part of this would be in form of communicating to your partner. I do not claim that I have it all together , but here are a tips I have personally found very helpful:

    1. Do not make assumptions. Always ask or seek to understand what the other person really meant.
    2. Always remember that your spouse is not trying to hurt you. He/she has the best intention for you.
    3. You cannot read your spouse’s mind.
    4. Never use past experiences, family background or anyone else to judge your spouse.
    5. Never take your spouse for granted. If he/she does something worth appreciating, do not assume they know how grateful you are; say “thank you.” And in a situation where you have to admit you are wrong, do not hesitate to do so. It does not mean you are weak! It simply shows you are mature, and able to take responsibility for your actions.

To every married woman or man reading this, I pray you find peace to weather every storm in your home.

Stay Happy!

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