#FlashBackFriday: Your First Mobile Phone

It’s the age of Smartphones. Phones are now powerful handheld computers with apps for almost every thing you can think of. With a phone now, you can do more than just make calls, receive calls and send text messages. Now we can communicate via video; access our email; access the Internet; make purchases; manage bank accounts; take pictures and do many other activities on our phones.

But long before technology became this advanced, we had simple mobile phones that couldn’t do this much.

Today, I had a nice flash back moment when I saw someone with a Nokia 3330 at a store. Do you remember that phone? It was the IN THING then! Big, thick phone with a green screen and black characters {oh yes, I had one too} 🙂 .  I remember that phone fell down from my hand several times and yet, it never disappointed. Shortly after that, I had a Motorola phone too, can’t remember the model.

We’ve really come a long way in GSM technology worldwide and in Nigeria too. Its nice to know we are advancing in that front. But today, I’d like us to take our thoughts back to those days when mobile phones were still new in Nigeria. What was the first mobile phone you had? Do you have any fond memories of using a mobile phone those early days?

Let’s share!

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