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Fashion Tip Friday..


SL Fabz, it’s Fashion Tip Friday! Let’s face it, mixing prints can be a tricky and often frustrating experience. One of the easiest ways to keep your mixed prints looking chic instead of just plain confused is by keeping them all in the same color family. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to all be the same shade, but having a central color theme or palette to work from allows you to blend your prints more easily. Try picking a color that repeats throughout the entire ensemble. This ensures you a look that is more unified and seemingly put together as seen in my pic above, the grey-cream palette works here.

Mix a print fabric with a plain counterpart. Pick the color off the print fabric to complete the assemble e.g print skirt, plain top or plain skirt, print top. You can also mix print fabrics of the same color family. It doesn’t matter who you are, celebrity or fan, you have to commit to the outfit. If you don’t wear your clothes with confidence people are going to notice and not for the reasons you intended. If you doubt your ability to pull off a 2 mixed print look, don’t wear it.courtesy allwomenstalk. Which of these ideas are you going to try?

Have a fab weekend!




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