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#Ebola: RIP Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh

Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh is gone. We will always remember her for saving millions of Nigerians by restraining Mr. Sawyer from leaving the hospital when he wanted to, knowing that he was dying of Ebola.

This is what a journalist, Cheta Nwanze, had to say:

“The sacrifice that Dr. Adadevoh and Nurse Ejelonu have made is the highest form of sacrifice that any man, or woman, can make for his, or her, fellow human being. It is said that there is no greater love than to lay down your life for your friend. Both women, and their colleague, put their lives on the line for 170 million of their fellow citizens, many of whom do not even understand the concept of what it means to be a citizen. The very least that Nigeria can do in appreciation, is to honour them. I have a suggestion for such an honour, and not some meaningless title or coin which will soon fall out of use. Nigeria should declare August 19 each year a national holiday, and in the names of both women. That way, some Nigerian child in six decades can ask his parent, “Mummy, who is Stella Ameyo Adadevoh?” And the parent can reply, “That woman saved my life, and the lives of all of us”. It is the least we can do. It is the least we should do.”

May her soul and also Nurse Ejelonu’s rest in peace.


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