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DRY Movie Screening At The Aberystwyth Arts Center, Wales Starts Today!

The Aberystwyth University, Wales was a very valuable partner to the overall success of the movie ‘DRY‘, especially providing the much needed technical support we needed for the production. Some scenes of the movie were also shot at the University’s Campus.

I am therefore very glad that starting today, DRY will be screened at the Aberystwyth Arts Center in Wales.

Here are the screening times:

Fri 20 May, 6:00pm
Sat 21 May, 6:00pm
Sun 22 May, 5:30pm
Mon 23 May, 8:15pm

If by any chance you are in this beautiful city, do drop by to watch and lend your support.

For more information and ticket booking, please CLICK HERE.


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