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Do You Know That Men Also Feel Insecure?

As ladies, we tend to feel insecure about a lot of things, especially physical qualities. Our weight, our height, our looks… The interesting thing is, men also feel insecure!

Your boyfriend and guy friends may keep quiet about their feelings, but there are plenty of things men are insecure about. Women aren’t the only gender who worry about what others think of them. Men can be just as cautious, but they try their best not to let it show. Here are some of the biggest things men are insecure about:


Most men want to be taller than their girlfriends. If they’re short, then they can’t do much about it, except wear lifts in their shoes. Otherwise, they’re stuck at the height that they were given. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a woman being taller than her man, but most men are not comfortable with this.


It’s more socially acceptable for men to be overweight than it is for women, but they still like to look fit. If your boyfriend sees you staring at a man with a six pack, he’s going to wish he had a six pack too. You’re not the only one who wishes they had more time for exercise. Your boyfriend wants to look good for you, just like you look good for him.


If you have a pimple, you get to cover it with foundation. If you don’t like how small your eyes look, you can create an illusion with eyeshadow and liner. Men aren’t as lucky. Most guys aren’t willing to wear make-up, so if he has an issue with his appearance, he’s stuck with it.


We worry about the hair on our legs and arms, but men worry about the hair on their face. There are so many different options for them to choose, and they don’t want to make the wrong one. Deciding whether they should go clean-shaven, or grow out their stubble is a hard choice for them.


Traditionally, men pay for their girlfriend’s food when they go out on a date. If he doesn’t have enough money to cover your meal, he’s going to feel inadequate. He wants to feel like he can take care of his woman, even if she doesn’t need his help. So if your boyfriend gets touchy when the subject of money comes up, it’s probably because he wishes he could afford everything you ever asked for.

Women aren’t the only ones who are embarrassed about certain aspects of themselves. Men try not to show their weak spots, but they can be just as insecure as we are.

Does your boyfriend/husband let you in on his insecurities, or does he act like he’s the most confident man around? Do you know of any other things men are insecure about that are not on the list?

Let’s discuss!

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