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‘Cos I’m Happy!!! A Choice You Need To Make Everyday

“Oh! Not Again!” you say – jumping off the bed, as you put off the deafening alarm on your phone. You had set it for 4 AM, your boss told you the day before about a presentation you would be taking. You mumble a few words of prayer as you take a hurried bath and hit the road. Traffic! The very thing you were trying to avoid, just as the traffic light turns green, a “crazy” woman comes from nowhere to overtake you, and gives you an irritating “tongue out” in disdain.

You finally get to the office right on time, your boss and the rest of the board members are waiting. The projector is all set, the only thing missing is the presentation which you saved on a flash drive. It is supposed to be in your purse, but you know it is not there. you had left it on the table last night, hoping you would remember to pick it up, while had your morning cereal. But of course neither of the two happened. Today is gonna be a bad day!

Some days look like everything just worked together to make you feel bad.

In the midst of all these, you have a choice:

You can choose to brood over an unhappy event all day long, or you could focus on other events that would make you happy.

Somebody might have said something hurtful or disrespectful to you; maybe your car broke down on the road, and disrupted your plans for the day. One truth is that, you might not be able to change certain events, or people’s behaviour, but you can control your reactions, your response.

Sometimes, your happiness might seemed threatened by the happiness or success of others around you. It seems everyone has something to be happy about – except you. That is not true; if you take time out to think, you have a lot of reasons to be happy. Focus on why you should be happy and not vice versa.

Change your outlook by seeing other people’s success as yours. Their happiness should not take away your own happiness. Choose to be happy every day. Try to get up early, do some exercise, get organized, speak positive words to yourself and about yourself, stay inspired!

Have a great day SL Fabz and stay happy!!!

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