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Here are 10 things we should ask ourselves when the sun comes up:

Can I put a smile on someone’s face today?

The biggest achievement you can score is when you make someone else smile. It’ll brighten your own day and give you a sense of joy that compares to none. Reach out and touch someone. It could be something as little as helping them pick up a pen that fell on the floor or complimenting their looks.

Am I in a good state of mind to respond to that person?

We will always be confronted with issues we do not want to address. If someone is being rude or inquisitive, you do not have to follow their path. Create your own way and do not let their nastiness get to you. You may not be able to stop them from being nasty, but you can choose whether to respond or not. And that’s where the power lies.

Do I need to visit the doctor?

Your physical health and wellbeing is paramount to living a good life. Take care of yourself; visit the doctor and go for check-ups regularly.

Who should I call today?

Make someone’s day, place a call for no reason order than the fact that you want to hear their voice and wish them a happy day.

What more can I offer today?

Give a little more of yourself and your abilities- at work, church wherever! Give more. Try harder. Do not withhold the good you can give.

Can I take a minute to pray?

Of course you can! Pray with ceasing. You need God all the way!

Can I shut all the noise?

Don’t let the chaos of cosmopolitan living get to you. The generators, the worries, the targets…it can all make you go crazy. Shut it all out; focus on your inner peace.

What will be reading today?

Read! It is what makes a leader. Pick up a book, open a website, go through a magazine and get acquainted with life and society.

Can I stay positive regardless of how the day turns out?

Yes, you can. Positivity can happen to you regardless of what happens around you.

Can I find something to laugh about?

That’s the only way to keep the soul young. Laugh, be happy! And stay that way!

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