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Change Is Life…

Time or fate may separate friends, lovers,
But friendship or love that’s true will ever
Thenceforth continue to live forever,
True love conquers the odd with its power.
As time passes by, things change with the time,
Every moment, hour, day, month, and year,
All things have their turn to change with the time,
Life, time, and events change with the years.
Everyone, everything, have a time and day,
A time to change, end, begin a new day,
Change is life, the course of life everyday,
All things change, and we change with them all days.
Only the Eternal one is constant,
All things in the universe, inconstant,
But despite it all, love is important,
The world may change, but true love is constant.

by Merlin Archivilla

I feel the need to share this poem with you dear SL Fabz this morning. This is especially for those going through a major change in their lives. Have you recently started a new job, gotten married, had a sad breakup, lost your job, moved to a new city, lost a loved one…..?

You may be overwhelmed by this new phase in your life and wonder how you’re gonna get by. I’d like to encourage you to stay strong. It’s gonna get better, maybe not right now, but eventually it will. Remember that despite it all, love is important. The world may change, but true love is constant.

Have a splendid weekend.



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