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Beauty Lifestyle

The Best Places To Apply Perfume Correctly

When it comes to perfume, deciding on what scent to use is only half of the journey – the second half is actually making it last through the day. The method of application influences the way a fragrance smells…

Beauty Lifestyle

#BeautyTip: Homemade Honey Conditioners

I recently discovered he amazing effect of Honey as a hair conditioner and I just had to share it with you! Honey is a humectant (which means that it helps to retain moisture) and an emollient (meaning that it…

Beauty Features

#beautytips: Facial Exfoliation

Here are benefits of exfoliating your skin… Improve skin texture: exfoliating your skin is an easy way to revive dry, dull skin! There’s a magic feel to it afterwards. Rids dead cells: exfoliation will get rid of any dead…

Beauty Features

#beautytips: Facial Cleansers!

Facial Cleansers: a must-have beauty item! Good face cleansers are items that clean and rinse your face and provide a different freshness to your face. Good face cleansers include mild and natural gels, lotions and creams that provide a…