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Brain Teaser: How Old Are They?

Good morning SL Fabz!

Let’s get our day started on a sharp note by working up our brains with this Mathematics Brain Teaser, shall we?

OK! Here it goes:

A girl went to school and the teacher asked ‘how old are you?’

She replied ‘I don’t know but I know that I’m half my mother’s age’.

The teacher asked ‘OK how old is your mother?’

She said ‘I don’t know but I know that my Dad is 10 Years older than my mother’.

The teacher, then asked ‘how old is your Dad?’

She said ‘I don’t know but I know that if we add all our ages the answer is 100 yrs’…

Now, how old is the girl, her mum, & her dad?

Stress your brain a little and give me the answer. Have a great day everyone!

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