-Because I’m HAPPY!

The Happy song by Pharrell Williams has become a viral phenomenon! It has been translated and executed in many languages, by all races, all over the world!

We’ve seen the collage of Happy moments from schools, offices, and regular people who endorse to what happiness is- the richness of confessing that I am full of joy, I am HAPPY!

So what does Happy mean to you?

If you have to do your own collage of Happiness on youtube what would it look like?

Just remember Happiness should radiate wherever you go and through you- always.

When you wake up, be Happy!

When you realise there’s no electricity and it’s so hot you can barely put some lotion on your skin because of the heat- be Happy!

If you are stuck in bad traffic and harassed by fellow drivers in the bustling city of dreams- stay Happy!

If you get to work and there’s a pile of work that you must finish- do it all HAPPY!

When you don’t get the bank alert you’ve been expecting- just be Happy, regardless!

If you get back home and there’s still no electricity, you’d have to grope in the dark with a weak phone light- stay HAPPY!

So what are your happiest moments in life so far? Do share!

Have a HAPPY day- at work, home, school wherever!

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