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Beautiful scars…

Everyone has scars. It could be the pain that stays in your heart when someone you truly love and admire does not reciprocate that same passion; it could be the bitterness of growing up in lack that shortens your expectations and opportunities in life; it could be the fear of living in a violent relationship; the regrets of past mistakes; it could also be the evidence of an accident.

Scars can make you insecure and feel less than beautiful, especially physical scars – the type that is all out for people to see. But do not let your scars stop you from living.

If your heart is heavy of pain – it is time to let it go. The scars that remain from years of un-forgiveness is so damaging that it can live you looking many years older than you really are. If you have regrets from the past, be consoled that you are human and you make mistakes. The most important thing is that you lift yourself from the gaffes you have made and bounce right into the present where you have all the power to re-write and edit your script of life!

And if it is a physical scar, do not let it control your life. Stroke the scar, remember the incident if you wish, but be thankful that you made it out alive; and you still have a chance at life! Life is the fair game we’ve all been presented with, who cares if you’ve got a bump on your chin?

Live your best life!

I have lived with my physical scars for years now – after a near-death incident, and every day I realise just how beautiful I am despite them. I have a wonderful life, a great career, a family of love – what more can a young woman ask for?

So as I welcome you to my world, I want you to come just the way you are – imperfections are allowed; we are here to learn, to grow, and become.

What scars do you suffer? Let us share and comfort one another.

–          Stephanie


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