Blog Give-Away!

And the special bath gift goes to…


Funmi Oladimeji!

After selecting

six comments, we placed calls to the ones who responded to our emails promptly, Funmi was one of them and her story was quite interesting…

A wife and mother of a one-year-old baby, Funmi keeps a balanced home working a 9-to-5 and taking care of her baby. Her husband is located at another state and, as should be expected, that puts an emotional strain on all she needs to do every single day. She would like some “me time” to acquaint herself with the beautiful woman she knows she really is.

She deserves it, doesn’t she?Smile

But hey! You are all special, ok? And you all deserve this pack, but it’s just one pack and it can only go to one person. So let’s give it to Funmi, shall we?

We love you all and thanks for participating!



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