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A Labelled Woman…

SRSG Zeinab Bangura and the women of Paoua CAR say "not to rape" Photo: Cristina Silveiro

Hello SL Fabz, this was a comment placed on my blog yesterday by Pamela Ogwuegbu. I thought it was very meaningful and decided to share.

The comment is related to International Women’s day, thank you for your post Pamela..

“The woman is the most endangered specie on the planet at the moment. She has been reduced to breast, sex symbol and a thing that must be used by men. Her voice is not heard because she is perceived a weaker vessel and not seen by many as good enough for the No 1 seat in most nations. She has been beaten and battered by many that she has had to pay for marrying a man with her life yet no one is fighting her battles. She has worked herself to death trying to play her domestic role while he sits in front of TV not lifting a hand to assist yet wants a piece of her body at night not considering her tiredness. Now she feels it is a curse to be a woman. Hmmmm she has been labeled for exposing her body and soliciting for sex to pay her bills yet not one cares to find out the man that has dealt with her and stolen her innocence because every woman is a reflection of a man who has either built or destroyed her. She has given her all to a man who doesn’t care about her and threatens her daily. She has gone through the valley of the shadow of death of child birth to give him a baby yet has been abused severally as a reward from the same man whose seeds she fertilized and sustained for 9 months. One was still thrown out by the village man in corporate attire called ‘my husband’ that she married for questioning his sexcapades with the househelp. Should she have congratulated him or play deaf and dumb? Anyway it is another International women’s day celebration and let every man know that men who mess up women never end well except you apologize and repent; a man who beats a woman has lost his manhood and become a beast and is not fit to live with any woman; a man who abuses a woman has earned a place in her hall of shame. It is time to apologize and celebrate our women again and today should mark that beginning. Women! We are sorry”

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