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5 gutsy things you should do!

If you can conquer fear and doubt, you will most likely find yourself on the corridors of opportunity and chance frequently. And only when you walk through those corridors are you able to meet with certain circumstances and people that can influence your life positively. As the year rapidly skips to an end, here are a few bold strategies you should take to achieving those last-minute aspirations.

1. Go straight to that door and knock!

There are too many middle men to getting what we want…uuugh! It is so frustrating! Now is the time to jump that queue! If it is a job you want and you know where the office is, go straight to that door and make that appointment. If you see the Manager or CEO on the corridor, brace up and get his attention – he is not a ball of fire, he won’t burn you! The worst that can possibly happen is he’d listen and then direct you through the ‘right’ procedure, but at least you would have conquered one major vice – fear!

NOTE! To succeed with this approach you need to be very smart, intelligent and well put together, if not you will be snubbed, treated lowly and discarded. So make sure you have the requisite finesse that people are drawn to.

 2. Have a sincere conversation with someone!

It could be your mother, your close friend, your boss, your neighbour…tell them exactly how you feel about certain situations. We are always too intimidated to speak up. There are extremes to many people – it’s either they are too frightened to talk or too pompous to shut up! You can’t afford to fall under any of those categories – create a balance. Speak up, but be polite. Let people know exactly how you feel about certain decisions and situations. You’d feel lighter when you are able to courteously express yourself.

NOTE! You must have an unselfish reason to do this. Do not just go on about “me-me-me”. Life is not only about you. If you must call someone for an honest exchange then your heart and mind have to be open to receive and to give.

3. Make the first move!

We stay on the side-line way too many times in life, waiting for the next person to make a move. As 2012 is running out, I dare you to make that move! Whatever it is, if you desire it – make the move. Tell someone how you feel, start a business, speak up for a cause, stand up for something that you truly believe must be addressed.

NOTE! Be prepared for the challenges your move might bring. Do not be found ill-equipped and unqualified. Be well groomed and set!

 4. Pause!

Sometimes we need to take a break from all the work and hustle. Pause and reflect. Don’t feel guilty to take the time off from people and stuff. Take a breather, relax, rejuvenate!

NOTE! This, of course, only applies to hard-workers who have a well-defined life and have, to some extent, achieved certain things required of them.

5. Discover new things!

Get out of that box! I know it is comfortable and warm in there but there’s just so much happening out here that you need to discover. Get out of your comfort zone. Go on and uncover your world. Try everything your mind and heart hungers for – every legitimate and virtuous thing. Let your mind soar, let your spirit dance, let your soul explore. LIVE life. Don’t just exist. Put your worries aside – we all have our issues but it is still a beautiful world and there’s just so much waiting for you to experience.

NOTE! Please don’t go overboard. You might need certain skills and knowledge to do certain things. Get that first!

May the rest of 2012 be rewarding for all of us! xoxo


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