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5 cool things you can do this weekend

So the weekend is here and you are thinking of ways to spice it up!

Here are a few cool things you can get up to:

Go Karaoke!

Find a nice bar with Karaoke on the menu and sing to your heart delight! Good thing about Karaoke is that you don’t have to be a musician. Take your bathroom voice along with you and share it with everyone.

Host friends:

Why go out the usual way, do something different! Turn your place into a mini bar and have a few friends over. Play some music, pour some wine, prepare some finger foods and let the conversation be the icing of the cake. People are more relaxed that way.

Play a sport:

Go to the beach with friends and play volley ball; or find a nice field and do some outdoor sports. You stay fit and everyone has fun!

Learn something new:

Go swimming, learn the piano, join a yoga class…find something new and thrilling, and start learning!

Get busy online:

Put up an audio work on soundcloud, record a video on google plus, start a conversation on twitter, open a new group on facebook…keep your virtual life active.

Enjoy the weekend!

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