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5 best life decisions you can make!


The decisions we make is what will determine the quality of life we live. Here a 5 life decisions that can make your life blissful!

The one you marry: Who you choose to fall in love with can make all the difference in your life! Your joy, peace, financial stability and various life changing situations are tied to that spouse that you wish to spend the rest of your life with. That is why marriage is not a walk in the park. It should take deliberate and a conscious attempt to ensure you make the right choice- suitable for you and your goals. Your happiness in life is synonymous to the person that wakes up next to you. Choose wisely.

The place you work: The idea of having a job that you hate and struggling through life is just depressing. One of the best decisions you can ever make is working in an environment that inspires you and on a job that brings out the best in you. Life’s too short to be caught in a rut that makes you sad all the time.

The number of kids you have: The quality of life you strive for would, to a large extent, depend on the number of children you can afford to take care of. A man or woman’s achievement is no longer measure by the number of children floating around the house. It is wisdom not to have many children if you’d have to rely on government or others to take care of them for you. Children are not acquired gifts, they are human beings. We should be financially ready before bringing them into the world. They are beautiful, but they are expensive. Be prepared!

The company you keep: Your friends are the people who shape your social life. If you walk in the company of successful people, you most likely will succeed. And if you hang around negative people, it will rub off on you. The effects of friendship is so deep that it is important to examine one’s character thoroughly before letting them into your inner circle.

What you believe in: What do you believe in. Whatever it is, as long as it is a message of hope and love, believe in it passionately. God is the source that we all need to drink from. The spring that quenches out thirst. Your faith in Him will be one of the best decisions you can ever make. Your walk with Him will reveal a life that cannot be measured by facts. It is what you believe in that will eventually save you.

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