10 Words You’ve Probably Never Heard Of & Their Meanings

I’m in the mood for improving my vocabulary today, and I think it would be more fun if we do this together.

SL Fabz, what do you think? Hop in and learn a few words and their meaning.

The act of loving the one who loves you; a love returned in full

A mystery force present in all people that empowers them to affect the world, or to effect change in their own lives

An obsession with words; being fascinated by words

Beautiful thinkinng; a well mind

Taking a stroll or wandering around

One who is attracted to or aroused by intelligence in others

The scent that lingers in the air, the trail left in water, the impression made in space after something or someone has been and gone; the trace of someone’s perfume

Excessive desire to stay in bed

Someone with hairy buttocks

Prophetic; speaking of fate

Did you notice how some simple terms have big words to describe them? Hmm, I think I have Logolepsy already!

So, did you learn something new? What is the most recent word you’ve added to your vocabulary?

Try using any of these words to form a sentence and let me see what you come up with.

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