10 Things Women Need To Stop Doing To Each Other

The other day, I had a frank talk with some close friends of mine and we all agreed that most times, us women are our own worst enemies. Of course, not all women do these things, but really, we need to put a check on how we treat each other as women.

Here are some things I absolutely think women should stop doing to each other:

1. Stop Taking Each Other Down
If anyone should be there for a woman, it is another woman. As women, we need to stop taking each other down with our words and actions and rather focus on lifting each other up. The world would be a much better place if we all did that.

2. Stop Comparing
As women, we find it so easy to look at ourselves and compare varying qualities that other women possess. Each of us is created in our own unique and special way. Let us try taking the time to realize the unique qualities that each of us has rather than comparing.

3. Fighting Over Guys
Obviously, if your best girlfriend has an affair with your guy, you have every right to scream and yell. That kind of betrayal warrants anger, for sure. But most times, we should take our anger out on our partners rather than the other girl. Also, if your girlfriend is in a relationship and you are not, don’t allow your jealousy and frustration to get in the way of your friendship.

4. Criticizing Other People’s Weight
There are very polite ways to make a complement on another woman’s weight. But saying “oh my gosh you’re so skinny” or “wow, you’ve added so much weight!” might be more hurtful than we think it is.

5. Withholding Compliments
Not only is it bad to compliment someone negatively, it is also wrong to withhold good compliments. If your girlfriend has a really nice hairstyle on, or has lost some weight and is looking great, go ahead and say it to her.

6. Telling Each Other’s Secrets
It’s really sad to confide in someone and find out that the person has let out your secret to the wrong person. Ladies, let’s not do this to ourselves.

7. Not Being Supportive
Many times as women, we desert our friends when they need us the most. Its our friend’s wedding, birthday, graduation, store opening…. and because we feel a certain way about that achievement or milestone, we don’t give our support. So wrong.

8. Stop Competing!
I wish I could scream this. Not everything in life is a competition. No one has to really ‘win’ that best dressed award or most expensive bag title. Focus on your own qualities that are unique and special to you.

9. Comparing Our Bodies
Hey ladies, we really need to stop this. Many of us have done harmful things to our bodies in a bid to look like the next person. Love who you are and don’t think you need to look like anyone else.

10. Stop Hating
I really didn’t know what to title this last point. It might not be the appropriate word to use, but have you noticed that some women just don’t like other women for absolutely NO REASON? I’ve heard this a lot of times “I don’t like that lady” and when you ask why, the response is “I don’t know, I just don’t like her“. Maybe she walks or talks in a certain way that you don’t feel comfortable with and because of that, you conclude that you don’t like her even though you hardly know her!

This gets me confused. Let’s continue this discussion in the comment section. Ladies, why do you think we do this to each other? How can we stop such habits?

What other things do we need to stop doing to each other?

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