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Here or There? 4 tips on How to Make Tough Decisions

Life is an endless stream of decisions: what to wear, what to eat, who to marry, where to live. We are always making a decision whether we realize it or not, and the decision-making process could be quite stressful. Have…


Caption This!

Happy Weekend SL Fabz!  While enjoying a relaxing Saturday, I came across this online. This is one of the funniest pictures I’ve seen in a while. Deodorants now branded with names of Phones, Apps, Social Media platforms! I’m speechless. So,…

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Thank You For 2 Million Facebook Fans!

Hey lovelies, I just found out my Facebook Page now has over 2 Million Fans! Wow, that’s amazing!!! I’m grateful for everything. Thank you for your love and support; for your shares, for your comments, for your likes, for…

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Are You “Addicted” To Facebook?

Today, I read that the world’s largest social network – Facebook – would be 10 years in a few days and I began to think of the many ways I have been impacted by this platform. Currently, the social…