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Glow With Great Skin

Great Skin

Hi SL Fabz,

I hope your weekend went great.

To get this week started on a beautiful note, I want to share with you ladies some awesome tips I have learnt over the years about achieving great skin.

I don’t know of any lady who is not particular about how her skin looks. If its great already, she’d want to maintain that look and if its not, she’d want it to be better.

Here are some tips you could try to achieve better skin:

1. Don’t Sleep With Makeup On
It’s important to take your makeup off at night before bed in order to clean out your face and pores. Otherwise, your makeup will be clogged up in your pores and this will result in acne. If you sleep with your makeup on, your skin will not be at its healthiest and you are most likely to break out!

2. Wash Your FaceWashing face
Along with taking your makeup off at night, be sure to wash your face to get rid of any dirt and oil. This will keep your skin healthy and smooth. You should also wash your face in the mornings to keep your skin looking clean and great throughout the day.

3. Cleanse & Exfoliate
Cleansing your face twice a day will help deep clean your skin, rather than washing it with plain water. There are different purposes and types of cleansers. An exfoliator is used to remove any dead skin you may have and should be used about 3 times a week accordingly. This will instantly make your skin feel and look smoother and cleaner!

4. Tone Your Skin
I recommend using a toner after washing your face at night (before moisturizing). The purpose is to keep your skin’s balance and hydrate your skin. This also removes extra makeup that might still be on your skin even after cleansing.

5. Moisturizemoisturize your skin
Another important step in skincare is to moisturize your face every day and night! This keeps your skin hydrated and with a high SPF, it protects from sun damage.

6. Spot Treatment
For those struggling with pimples or acne, I recommend some type of spot treatment. Many that are found in drugstores will work great. Make sure the ingredients include salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. These are great for overnight or daily spot treatment.

7. Masks
My last tip for great skin is to use a mask. Try to use a mask about once a week. There are endless types of masks depending on what your skin needs. There are many great drugstore masks, as well. Figure out whether your skin needs hydration, a more even skin tone, or anything else, and find the product for you!

I hope you learnt a lot from these tips! Make sure you do your research on products, keep your skin clean and healthy, and don’t forget that keeping yourself healthy will also help your skin.

Do you have any skin care tips you’d love to add to this list?




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