Why fight in public?

Fighting pulls all kinds of unwanted attention; it makes you wonder why people do it.

What is really hard to understand though is the sight of a young man breathing heavily as he exchanges punches with a conductor by the side of the road on a week day morning – all dressed for work.

We have all seen this before – the young man who is smartly dressed forgets about his ironed shirt as he grabs a conductor who in turn swings wildly, striking this young man on his jaw.

The passengers in the car screaming in disguised glee at the conductor as the driver tries to separate the fight.

At the end of the fight, the young man is standing in tattered clothes, a shadow of his pristine self when he left his house.

There’s no way he can go to the office in his newly acquired rags.

How will he explain the reason for his torn clothes or his extreme lateness if he has to go back home to change?

Think about it. There’s more to lose when you engage in a fight on the streets. Sometimes, learn to ignore and move on.

Sometimes these fights happen because of N20 change! Wouldn’t it be better for that young man to leave the change for the conductor?

xoxo SL


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    Racheal Edward
    August 25, 2018 at 1:59 pm

    People fight because they find it difficult to ignore the things others say or do.
    May we all receive the grace to be forgiving.

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