StephView: How we look when we take one-way in traffic

We look irresponsible and selfish when we break out of traffic line and drive into the lanes of oncoming motorists. Not cool.

It would seem every Nigerian is in a hurry. In busy cities like Lagos, it’s very scary to see how much we try to stretch one minute. Because of the bustle and hustle, we are not looking over our shoulders to see how our actions affect other people. One of the common places to find this is when Nigerians are stuck in traffic.

Have you ever had to watch another motorist try to escape an almost impossible traffic situation by blocking approaching vehicles and, with this terrible idea, causing even more gridlock?

If YOU are the type of motorist to do so, it’s time to stop. Our behaviour says a lot about how we value our society. 

As much as we hope that government can do the right thing and fix the country, how about we start by fixing ourselves? If we fix what we can, then we are on the way to correcting many wrongs. Leadership starts from us.

It is counter-productive for everyone when we block oncoming vehicles just because we want to get home early. Be considerate when you are in traffic. You are likely to get home faster if you stay on your lane without trying to play smart.

Here’s what to do when you are in traffic:

Listen to radio or play some music, it will relax your nerves and make you less anxious.

You can also play an audio drama or audio book if that will calm your spirit.

Have a bottle of water. Water prevents headache, backaches, bad breath, and puts you in a good mood.

Make your car super comfortable, so it makes you feel at home.

And lastly, be PATIENT. Know that everyone else in traffic deserves to get out of it soon, and show empathy while on the road with other motorists.

Let’s fix our country one good decision at a time.

So tell me: what kind of driver are you in traffic?



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    Racheal Edward
    August 25, 2018 at 1:41 pm

    Rightly said!

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