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Skills To Learn While School Is On Strike

Education in Nigeria is tough. One minute you are in class, the next minute ASUU is on strike. Some schools strike for more times in a year than they actually teach. It’s sad. And it feels like the youth are going to waste. How do you occupy yourself when your university or polytechnic is locked down?

Here are a few skills you can learn and engage in:

ICT: The world is fast evolving and as youths, it is essential that we move at the same pace. While school is not in session, take out time to learn more about ICT. Coding is the future, and that future starts now! It will take you to a great level in life.

Bead Making: Fashion cannot go out of demand. Learning how to make jewellery will become beneficial depending on how dynamic and creative you are.

Bag Making and Foot Wears: Bags are very essential in our everyday activities. You can learn beyond making ladies handbags. Include men bags, children bags and any other style that suits the market. Also put footwear in the mix. It is also very important that you know your target market.

Phone Repairs: Phones are essential tools for us as humans. It transcends beyond a means of communication. It has evolved into a tool for doing businesses. When it becomes faulty, it is only natural that individuals who can sort the faults of the phones are sourced. Why not capitalise on this venture and learn it as a skill.

Cooking: We all love food, don’t we? Learning to cook varieties of food will guarantee you a source of income either in the present time or in the long run.

Baking: Making use of your holiday from school to learn baking is not a bad idea really. In fact, it is a welcome idea. Do not allow the increasing number in the field to deter you because there is often an
opportunity that needs to be utilised.


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    Racheal Edward
    September 30, 2017 at 3:54 am

    Well said!

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