Lessons of Life..


Hope you all had a fabulous Valentines day. Here are some lessons of life I want to share with you. 1. Believe in God for He will never fail you. 2. Love your neighbors even those who wish you bad 3. Honor your parents.  4. Shift from being busy to achieving results. 5. Don’t settle for anything less than excellence. 6.Forgive those who wronged you, forgive yourself when you make mistakes. Learn from it and move on. 7. Say sorry when you know you should. 8.Even when bad things happen to you, don’t give up. 9.Speak less. Listen more.  10. Take care of your health and your home . Have you got any lesson of life you want to share?




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18 Responses to Lessons of Life..
  1. Courage Reply

    I should say am really proud of u! God richly bless your way!

  2. Rita Reply

    If you show love or give to the poor all you have only to receive praises, then know that it does not add value to God.

  3. Ezekiel Daniel Reply

    Thanks big Sis. Words of wisdom

  4. david Reply

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  5. temmy Reply

    nice talk kip it up!

  6. wunmi Reply

    1. Love all but trust few. 2. Live life one day at a tym. 3. Put God first in wateva u do. 4. Be happy always. 5. If u can dream it, den its achievable.

  7. Emmanuel Nkrumah Reply

    May you live long to help give such a life guide statement to people. I know you have in turn changed the lives of some of us by the lesson of life message posted.Keep it up, bravo!

  8. peaceman Reply

    My dear stephanie I lv an appreciate ur efforts u are d best.

  9. zinny Reply

    If u wait for a perfect condition, you will never get anything done!

  10. gift opuene Reply

    Don’t eva rush into falin inlove or attach to smone. Love neva runs out,even if dey mockk u dat u are stil single jst tell dem dis;;God is jst busy writin d best love story dat will sweep me off my feet;pls if u find ursef inlove with smone who does not love value u,or see ur worthbe gentle with ur sef,therre is nufin wrong wit u,love does not jst chose to rest in d other persons hrt,there is a reason and meanin for everyfin,uu will knw in tyme, always remember dat smtymes we also av to ignore hw we feeel and realise wht we deserve.true love is not smfin dat is forced,swithrt it is smfin dat jst hapend freely,many pple are so hungry for love,that they chose to bite any kind or type to see even if its toxic,remember it is not abuh bein wht evryone wnts u to be,its abut bein ursef and findin smone who truely loves and value u for who u are,also remembber it is not hw u feel nw dat matters,it is ur state of hapines in d future,always pray had n be ursef,believ in God,ask him for anyfin and he will sure grant u.graciasd

  11. Joyce Kehinde (mrs) Reply

    U are always dishing out fabulous advice in ur block.more grace 2 ur elbow.God bless.

  12. Ovo. Okpigben Reply

    Thanks for the lesson Stephane, it was nice of U̶̲̥̅̊. We U̶̲̥̅̊я̩̥̊ fans really enjoyed the lesson..

  13. gift opuene Reply

    Tittle discovering who uu really are;;job 8:7 says though thy begining was small yet thy latter end shud greatly increase,these days a lot of pple are full of zeal talent and ability without knwing who they realy are,they lack directions,beloveth av u takken tyme to discover who u are?infact as u read dis nw who are u,who do u discover u are,wht are ur talent?wht peculiar ability do u av?ability is capacity power cleverness talent mental power etc it is also competence skills aptitude flair giftmdiscoverin is findin out who u are being aware of who u are either by research or searching,leme share dis with u guys lol,I had a frend who was so desperate to get maried,bcos of her desire she had no opinion of her own as to the kind of man she desired and wnted to sttle down with,this situation came abt bcos she failed to take out time to knw who she was,she didn’t kn wht she wnts or like,her permanent interest and wht she wnted out of marriage,in a man and life generally,one day she met dis nice lookin dude who proposed to her she was very excited,she wasn’t patient enough to find out who dis guy realy was,wht he likes,evryfin abt d guy she neva considered bcos she was getin maried,dat was all she eva wnted.two weeks bfor dere weding she realised dis guy was a snake charmer,she was nearly eaten up by dis snake, no mariage came out of the relatnship.plz plz beloveth all dat gliters are not gold,always go on ur kneels and pray to God for directions of life partners.gracias

  14. peace Reply

    Hy steph,fanks 4 d lessons hup u had a slendid vals day !!!!

  15. choice Reply

    Thanks Mrs Stephanie Linus for those Great lessons of life. May your day be bleesed

  16. owen Reply

    I had a splendid valentine, i gave this time around and avoided receiving….lol… Its more blessed to give than to receive. Ure Amazing SL. %.

  17. lesedi Reply

    Ya hei val day well myn ws oh I guez. I ddnt recv anythng bt mssgz and tht jst mde me fl lvd and I knw tht God loves me and thts jst mre thb enuf for me and ohh hppy bltd SL love ya and God blss

  18. laitan Reply

    thanks for d lessons

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