Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

SL in LA Sentinel Entertainment

SL in LA Sentinel Entertainment

#SL Buzz!! I am excited to be featured in the January 24, 2013 edition of the renowned No. 1 African-American Newspaper in Los Angeles, California – The LA Sentinel about my work and upcoming projects.

Thanking you all, my #SL Fabz, for your support. Really looking forward to some great #2013 things. What are you looking forward to this year?




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12 Responses to Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
  1. oshi Rachek Reply

    Oh very good steph-L that’s wht we need in nigeria right now,I pray God gives u more Grace and speed to succeed in it,Amen.

  2. Lovepeddler Reply

    Looking forward to coming back to Nigeria so as to contribute towards her quest for economic development. We all — as a nation — must build this country – if we don’t, who will?
    If our parents failed us by keeping silent, we can be a failed generation to the next generation and up coming ones. Just like Professor Chukwuma Soludo says: “The penalty we pay for keeping silent is to be ruled by evil men” …

  3. Mana Reply

    I’m so happy for you Stephanie.



    Keep it up Diva!!! its all urs,
    As for me, am looking forward to achieving all my heart desires!


    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Keep it up Diva!!! its all urs,
    As for me, am looking forward to achieving all my heart desires!

  6. tmine Reply

    Kudos steph L. More grease to ur elbow. Looking forward to great things this year. Things that can never be forgotten by the next generations to come. I’m proud of u girl!!!

  7. Lilian Reply

    Hi Stephanie, I just read the article and skimmed through your blog; i just have to say that you are awesome! You are an inspiration and God will continue to bless you and grant you favour.

    You have always been a cool, nice ans sweet person, i remember when we hung out longggg time ago in NYC; it will be nice yo hang out with you again and work with you especially on the VVF project you are working on.

    I Love you girl, U rock!

  8. mega onyex eunice Reply

    Dear,am looking forward 2 been a solutionist 2 dis country,people’s problems & a blessing,an assets 2 lifes,states,nations & generations. Dear,may God continue 2 bless ur marriage,announce u & always give u reasons 2 smile,smile dat will last forever,am always proud of u. Jesus loves u,so do i.

  9. Chini Live Reply

    Nice one! Steph

  10. thebanquethall.blogspot.com Reply

    Stephanie…you got ur own class girl and ur own pace. I like how you made niche for ur self..both personally and professionally. Good for you girl.

    Peeps, please visit my Non-Religious Christian blog,


    It’s a nice Christian blog…and I know u will like it, whether u are a christian or not. Remember, this is the time to get real closer to God. Make Jesus your Lord.

  11. choice Reply

    Wonderful this is gud!!! Well am luking 4ward to starring in ur movie

  12. osiemi princess Reply

    Really proud of u stephanie!!!!!!!!!! Kip it up! I’m still a student so I looking forward to having straight A’s. And I don’t mind interning part-time for u and ur team during the hols………it would be d best thing yet!

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