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Self Development

Skills To Learn While School Is On Strike

Education in Nigeria is tough. One minute you are in class, the next minute ASUU is on strike. Some schools strike for more times in a year than they actually teach. It’s sad. And it feels like the youth…

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How to live on a low income

We all want to save for the rainy season, literally and figuratively. We want to have enough money to go on vacations and also get enough money to buy our dream house. All of that can seem impossible if…

Self Development

Have you ever been rejected 30 times?

Imagine trying to get a job for a record of 30 times, and every single time you were turned down, what would you do? Will you give up or keep trying? A very successful entrepreneur, Jack Ma, founder of…

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10 Things you should be able to do!

Apart from the basic need to survive, here are 10 things I think Nigerians should learn how to do. These are not only survival skills, but in this information era, you need skills that are useful in gaining social…

Self Development

Inspiration for the Day!

– by Eleanor Roosevelt If you want to live a life of many great deeds and memorable successes, do the things that totally scare you – like that job you think is too high-up for you, go acquire the…

Self Development

How To Waste Time Well

Do you often find yourself lying on the couch or in bed, watching episode after episode of a captivating Series? Yes, this might be a good way to relax after a hard day/week’s work. But there’s a whole other…