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What would you do with a whooping $758.7m?!

A Massachusetts hospital worker has won the largest single-ticket prize in US lottery history, a whooping $758.7m Powerball jackpot. Mavis Wanczyk’s numbers hit the jackpot, now she is a multi-millionaire! What she did, after winning, was call her employers immediately…

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Have an Enjoyable Weekend with these Tips!

Get your favourite TV series and binge all day! Allow yourself become one of the characters and live vicariously through him/her. Store your kitchen with stuff that you love to nibble on – fried meat, pepperoni, apples, plantain chips,…

Saturday Fun

Caption This!

Happy Weekend SL Fabz!  While enjoying a relaxing Saturday, I came across this online. This is one of the funniest pictures I’ve seen in a while. Deodorants now branded with names of Phones, Apps, Social Media platforms! I’m speechless. So,…