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Fun Time!!! Joke Of The Day

Another weekend is here and I decided to have a good start of my weekend by reading one of Akpos crazy jokes. This made me laugh out loud and I hope you’ll enjoy it too. “After writing a maths examination, a…

Riddles & Jokes Steph's Lounge

What Is…?

Hi SL Fabz, I hope these interesting riddles will bring some fun to your day. I had a good time guessing the answers until I eventually did. I’d like to know if you can too. 1. What is the…

Riddles & Jokes Steph's Lounge

10 Fun Facts

I read this somewhere and it made me Laugh Out Loud. I hope it brightens your day too. Check out these facts: 1. You can’t wash your eyes with soap 2. You can’t count your hair 3. You can’t…