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Back to school tips: Getting Kids Ready

The holidays are almost over. Children will be heading back to school soon. Parents, are you ready?

It was a long holiday, so children would either be looking forward to a new academic year or in many cases, there’d wish the holidays to last forever. LOL!

Here are a few tricks to get them ready for a new school session:

Kids have been sleeping late all through the holidays, catching up with their favourite TV shows? Well, it’s time to reinstate bedtime hours in preparation for school resumption. The most appropriate time to have them in bed should be, at least, by 8.30pm. This prepares them in advance for the new term in school.

Have they been reading this holidays? No? Ok, it is time to get them to read before school starts. Get them a novel or a story book. Let them ease into the tradition of reading to sharpen their senses before school resumes.

Waking up early is the usual practice. Kids wake up, sometimes, as early as 5.30am to get ready for school. So it is time to return to that habit. That’s why they need to sleep early. Get the alarm clock working so they are never late.

Instruct them to clean up their wardrobe and rearrange their items in order of priority. When that is done, you’d be able to decide what necessary things to buy for the new term.

Give them that pep talk about going back to school. Prepare their minds on what to expect, how to behave, how to interact and how to handle situations. Teach them about kindness, strength of character, the ability to listen, how to approach matters etc. They survive on their own in school without your physical supervision, you need to furnish them with life tips regularly.

Here’s wishing all Nigerian children a great new academic year ahead.

xoxo SL


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